Monday, 21 February 2011

latest project - Furioso Dreadnaught

i was fortunate enough this christmas just gone to recieve from santa a plastic dread kit. Now with the iminant release of the now new furioso kit and no old furioso metal kits on the shelves this was the closest thing he obviously could find :( however... this is what i actually in hindsight now prefer for a couple of reasons.

1. i dont like the blood talons on the new dreadnaught kit - i infact prefer the forgeworld talons (pictured above) as i think they look alot more brutal
2. looking at it now i dont really like some of the detailing on the front sarcophagi of the basic furioso as it leaves little space for being creative - the older plain fronts have nice large surfaces perfect for painting detail, transfers or sticking accsesories.

Dont get me wrong its a good sculpt on all of the versions (librarian and death company aswell) i just prefer the run of the mill standard dread front, it leaves me a bit more creative freedom to individually charictarise my dreadnaughts. I fully plan to add the latest incarnation to my army eventually as i do like the wings on the front but for now, practicallity and creative license are making me prefer the furioso ''kit-bash'' instead.

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